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At T and T, we understand that most plumbing issues are emergencies and that time is of the essence. T and T Plumbing is quick to respond and identify the issue. Whether you’re struggling with a clogged toilet or shower drain or worse—your problem is a burst pipe or sewer system backup, we’re prepared to get right to work and have you back to normal in no time.

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T And T Plumbing & Sewer

Northern Illinois’ First Choice For Residential & Commercial Plumbing

At T and T Plumbing & Sewer, we know what a major disruption plumbing issues can cause to your daily activities. Whether your plumbing emergency is caused by soap scum or hair buildup (two of the most common issues), the T and T Plumbing team is skilled at determining the issue and correcting it so that your life isn’t disrupted for any longer than necessary.

Dedicated To Top Quality Service

While it’s true there’s no shortage of plumbers here in Lake County, high-quality plumbing professionals who are determined to deliver customer care from beginning to end is slightly less common. That’s where T and T Plumbing and Sewer comes in. We’re proud of the reputation we’ve built over the years and we look forward to proving ourselves to you when the time comes.

Our Services


When you’re facing a plumbing issue, whether major or minor, it is imperative you hire a skilled, licensed, and insured plumber. Here in Gurnee, that’s T and T.


Water heater malfunction, sump pump issue, or plumbing leak, T and T is skilled at efficiently getting to the bottom of the issue and correcting it!


Plumbing issues at your place of business are never no big deal. Whether you see signs of a sewer system backup or just clogs, T and T can help.  

Faucet Repair

Dripping faucets are irritating, but they can also end up being expensive when it comes to your water bill. Plus, faucets that leak are wasteful. 


Since your toilet is the most used fixture in your home, it is bound to need servicing sooner or later. When it does, just remember T and T Plumbing!

Sewer Lines

Sewer system backups are nasty and expensive. There’s no getting around it. But in hiring T and T, you can ensure the job gets done correctly. 

Sump Pump

Sump pumps are essential. They are used to re-route water away from the lowest point of your home’s foundation and protect your basement from flooding.

Garbage Disposal

If you have reason to think your garbage disposal is in need of repair, reach out to T and T today. We’ll make sure there’s no disruption to your routine. 

Michelle DePerte

We are so grateful for Tom! I called him at 8am due to a pipe that burst the night before. He rescheduled his day for us because of the emergency and was at our house in 20 mins. He arrived promptly, explained in detail what needed to be done, and was very professional. All of the work was DONE in less than 2 hours and VERY reasonably priced. Highly recommended and will be our “go-to” if we have any other plumbing issues. Thanks again!

Justin Countey

Very timely, professional and great pricing. Highly recommend Tom and his services to anyone in need.

Jessica Rios

Amazing service!They fixed a drain issue we were having at our shop in the garage. They were great at coming to our business fast, on short notice. Tom and his team are great professionals, honest and reasonably priced. I definitely recommend!

Matthew Swazy

I would highly recommend this business. Nice guys, outstanding work, professional and they are extremely efficient!

Evan Jeide

Great service and Tom was ready to work when he showed up at our house. He made sure things were done correctly during the whole process.

Stephanie S

Amazing!! We’re new to the Gurnee area as of a year ago and hadn’t found a plumber yet as we didn’t have a need for one until now. T&T had great reviews and 24 hour service noted. Had a 9pm emergency where the tub faucet wouldn’t shut off. Called and they showed up within 20 min, everything was fixed within an hour and their prices are very reasonable. Will definitely work with them again any time we have a plumbing need!

T and T Plumbing Gets the Job Done 

T and T can handle any plumbing repair, as we specialize in complete sewer services, including preventative maintenance and plumbing and drain code violations.

  • Drain Cleaning
  • Grease Traps
  • Hydro-jetting
  • Tree Root Removal
  • Extensive Rodding Services
  • Ejector Pumps
  • Drain Repair, Replacement
  • Water Pressure Correction